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Transition planning is very important during high school and a legal obligation for a student with a disability (with an Individualized Education Program, IEP) by the time they turn 16 years of age.  Transition goals are set at this IEP with discussion related to career goals and a post high school goals are defined related to education, employment, and sometimes independent living. Students should participate in their IEP where transition is discussed as it relates to what they may plan to do for work and living after high school.

Below are activities involved in transitioning to life as an adult. Many of the resources below are focused on individuals with disabilities and meeting their needs. Resources provided are considered to have an evidence base, meaning there is credible, duplicated research in respected journals and publications in the disability field supporting effectiveness, usefulness, and quality of the program, procedures, therapy, approach, or supports.  There is additional information on the Resources and Video Resources pages of this web site.

Transition Information

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