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Communication and soft skills training for individuals with autism, ADHD, anxiety, co-existing conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities and other social or relationship challenges.

Individual intervention and group teen and adult training has been adapted to an online format and is available for social, communication, and employment classes and workshops. Classes for teens and adults with more complex needs are also be offered. Standard classes run 6-10 weeks, meeting one-to-two times per week for 40-60 minute sessions.  Times will vary based on group needs and requirements.  Topics covered will be similar to teen and adult offerings.


  • Interactive sessions using direct and Socratic instruction

  • Live and video modeling

  • Rehearsal of skills with feedback

  • Data collection and individualization of programming

  • Out of class practice and assignments for generalization of skills

  • Content covered in teen and adult offerings and adapted for an online setting

Examining New Tablet
A Man Looking at his Tablet Device
Online Monitoring
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