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Balance MI-Skills, Inc. provides comprehensive evidence-based employment, relational, soft, and communication skill learning opportunities for teens and adults in group settings. The goal is to improve these important skills for forming and maintaining friendships; developing relationships and dating experiences; and promoting effective interactions with co-workers, supervisors, and customers in employment settings. Balance MI-Skills also provides employment services and support in the form of employment preparation skills training (which may be integrated with communications training), work-based learning, supported employment, job coaching, job shadowing, job sampling, job development, and employer support.

Facilitators are qualified, trained, certified, and/or licensed in behavioral science and delivering training to teens and adults. All procedures and methodologies used are considered evidence based practice in behavioral and cognitive supports and interventions. Classes are facilitated through direct and Socratic teaching, live and video modeling, extensive practice with similar aged peers, and provided coaching feedback in the moment.

Data is collected on on skills, self-directed goals, and engagement. Programs are individualized based on input from the participating individual, parents, facilitator observations, and data collected.  

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