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Lisa Espinoza

Lisa Espinoza, M.Ed, Behavior Therapist (Co-owner of Balance MI-Skills, Inc.)

Communication Skills Facilitator

Employment Specialist

Practicum completed to test for BCBA credential

Lisa Espinoza has been an advocate for children and families effected by autism for over 12 years.  She was a catalyst to initiating the Michigan autism insurance legislation initiative, partnering with other families to start the grassroots movement Autism Insurance for Michigan (AIM). Through this process she developed relationships with legislators, universities, lobbyists, and autism support organizations. Since that time, Lisa has been actively providing best practice  interventions in social communication and employment skills, and workplace readiness for individuals with IDD, trauma, and with extensive support needs.

  • Lead facilitator and coordinator for developing social, soft, and employment skills programming, implementing the UCLA PEERS curriculum, and creating and implementing curriculum for individuals with complex intellectual needs  

  • Employment development and supports specialist, creating job opportunities for teens and adults and providing job coaching, job development, supervision of job coaches, employer development, and evidence based data collection protocols for reporting at a task level for individual progress 

  • Completed the curriculum and practicum required to test for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst credential (BCBA)

  • Implements Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming and procedures for individuals with disabilities including skills assessments (ABLLS, AFLS, VB-MAPP), program development and implementation, Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs), Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), task analysis, and data based decision making

  • Focused intervention with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and more complex needs

  • Supported the Autism Alliance of Michigan on various projects

  • Is employed by the State of Michigan with MSHDA as an auditor

Lisa is married to James and is the mother of 5 children, including a young adult son, Logan, who has autism.  She has gotten to experience the direct benefits of ABA through programming with her son, which was instrumental to her pursuing a career working with individuals with disabilities implementing ABA therapy.

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